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Got Mice or Rats?

Guardian Pest Control Can Help

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Get Rid of Your Mice or Rats for Good

Guardian Pest Control can take care of your rodent problem. Our rodent control service is effective and cost less than buying mouse traps every month. We will eliminate your rodent problem quickly and effectively. We are owner operated which means the owner is at every job. To us your business is our livelihood and we will bend over backwards to make you happy. You can count on Guardian Pest Control to keep your home safe from any intruders with our rodent control services. Let us protect your property in Snohomish County and parts of King County.

Our Rodent Control Approach:

Rodents can create long lasting damage &  render a home unlivable
Rodent control consists of three phases:
• First, On-Site Inspection with Home Owner
• “Clean Out” Infestation Using Various Professional Techniques.
• Lastly Perform Exclusion Service to Block Entry Points to Prevent Future Infestations.

Free Estimates
Let us give you a free estimate before providing our services. All services are warranted. Complete rodent control includes 3 visits, initial & 2 follow-ups.