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How to Remove Bees Nests Safely

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We Are Bees Nest Removal Experts

Count on Guardian Pest Control in Stanwood, Washington and Snohomish County for proper bee removal. Let us keep you and your family safe from painful stings. Our bee removal service is humane and will not harm the bees. Our bee removal service gathers the bees and moves them to a different location where they can continue to pollinate our agriculture. If you would like to know more about how bees play an important role in our society you can read this bee pollination article by the FDA.

Bees Control & Removal
Whether it be hornets or yellow jackets, let Guardian’s single application method take care of the problem on the spot. Remember that bees can eat through drywall into your living space.  So don’t ignore them!

Free Estimates & Follow-Ups
Enjoy free estimates and as always warranted services, and if there is need for a follow-up after the initial treatment, these are completely free of charge.

Bees–Guardian treats, removes, exterminates, eradicates bees, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, bald face hornets, paper wasps, specializing in one time treatment-guaranteed.
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from our pest control experts, and let us keep you safe from bee attacks.