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How to Get Rid of Pigeons


Bird Removal Experts

Are the birds invading your property? Guardian Pest Control offers bird control and removal services for starlings, pigeons, crows, or any other nuisance bird. We will ensure that the birds are gone in no time.

When it comes to bird control and removal you have 3 options

Live trap and removal (Net Capture System)

  • Cost Effective
  • Humane
  • Immediate Results
  • Permanent
  • Best Choice

Exclusion Spikes

  • Installation of Bird Spikes/ Bird Wire
  • More Time Required
  • Greater Cost as Birds Move to New Area Requiring More Applications.
  • Second Best Choice


  • Very Costly
  • Potential Non-Target Consumption
  • Bad Public Relations
  • Cross Contamination if Bird Takes Poison to Grain Mill
  • Never Recommended

See our Net Capture System in Action

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